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We Provide Carpet Dye Restoration Services

bleach remover sydneySometimes a spill or stain of a liquid such as wine, coffee, or a chemical spill like bleach can leave an unsightly and obvious mark on your carpet or rug. It is common that people try to scrub it away with a variety of heavy-duty cleaning products, it now looks worse and you feel like the best thing to do is to go out and buy a new carpet. This can be expensive, and in most cases, these unsightly stains can be fixed by treating and restoring the carpet using our professional services at unbeatable prices.

Our company provides carpet dyeing services Sydney wide. We are a skilled team with a wealth of experience and trained to industry standards in the art of dying, removing bleach and types of stains that have become embedded in your carpets and rugs. With our skills and industry knowledge, we can clean, protect and restore your carpet or rug to its vibrant colour. There is no need to resort to throwing your carpet away. We can fix that faded carpet or faded rug that is making your home look dull and lifeless. Once our technicians have worked their magic, your space will feel brighter and have a new feel with lustrous colour.

We are fully trained and equipped to remove bleach stains from your carpets, restoring your carpet’s colour and condition to its former state. Once we have colour matched your carpet we will restore your carpet to its rightful colour, you will never even know it was there! Our team is highly experienced in repairing bleach on carpet, fabrics and rugs.

bleach on carpet sydneyWe can treat carpets with designs and patterns. We can match all colours and our technicians are skilled in beige colour matching.  If you want a whole new look or change of décor that no longer fits with your flooring, with the help of our team, you can even choose to give your carpet a totally fresh colour and change carpet colour entirely. Our colour care range provided great coverage, giving your carpet back its vibrant colour which will last for its lifetime. We have been carpet dying Sydney based homes and offices for over a decade and we are the carpet dye professionals you can trust to restore your carpet.

Our carpet dyeing company will take care of your carpets whilst restoring them to their original colour and brightness, so get in touch with us to find out how we can help you. We are a carpet dyeing company Sydney based for your convenience and our friendly team will guide you through the process of carpet dying so that we can get your space looking renewed and revitalised without breaking the bank.

Find Out More About Our Carpet Dyeing Services

Can you dye carpet fabrics without the skills and knowledge of our expert colouring team?

We get a lot of calls from people who have tried to dye their carpets themselves, often causing more damage. We would recommend that you contact the experts. The products used for dyeing are messy and contain chemicals, we are equipped and knowledgeable in using them correctly and effectively. Colour matching is best left to professionals with experience in selecting the correct colour and completing a successful restoration. Our expert colouring team is here to help, so get in touch for a professional yet cost-effective solution to fix your carpet staining problem.

Can carpet be dyed successfully?

With our experience and know-how, yes it can. We are specialists in dying stain damaged areas and fixing bleach stains, as well as dyeing entire carpets if desired. We know first-hand the results that can be achieved by dyeing a stained carpet, rather than spending a lot of money to buy a new one when your current carpet is easily repairable with seamless and lasting results. If you would like more information on how we can help, you can get in touch with our friendly customer care team for a competitive quote.

When dyeing carpet fabrics, we take the utmost care to fully protect the carpet from the damage caused by staining, whether chemical or liquid. We then treat the area before matching the right colour to blend in with your carpet and making sure it covers the stain. Then the area is treated with a protective coating ensuring the colour stays locked in the fibres. This means that the colour remains sealed in your carpet so that it does not fade over time. The stained area is blended into the carpet to ensure that the area is no longer visible and carpets look renewed and intact once again. The results of our work put a smile on our customers’ faces.remove bleach stain from carpet sydney

To achieve these results, we employ the highest standard of industry training and our expertise. We use the best quality carpet paint dye to provide long-lasting results whilst caring for your carpet and your environment. We have a full spectrum of colours to ensure that we can eliminate signs that the stain ever existed. Our range of colour care dyes contain high quality colour pigment and once sealed into your carpet will last as long as your carpet does! We are aware of hard to match colours but we have a wide ranging palette for colours, for example, a wide array of beige carpet dye to blend in and ensure a flawless match with your beige carpets. That’s why we are experts in our field and will do our very best to match your colours perfectly to ensure that nobody will ever know it was there.

With our industry knowledge, our technicians can remove bleach stain from carpet fibres as well as carry out bleach spot removal. If you have a bleach stain on carpet materials, we have the tools to help you fix this unsightly accident. Our experienced team will use bleach remover to neutralise the chemical reaction and prevent further damage to the carpet fibres before matching the colour to restore your carpet or rug to blend in with the unblemished carpet. Our bleach stain carpet repair team will be more than happy to repair this for you, making your carpet attractive and looking like new once again.

We use the same process with rug dye restoration, although here we pay focused attention to the fabric and the way your rug is woven. We will treat your rug with extra special care to ensure that the colours or pictures in your rug’s pattern are preserved and restored with the correct colour matching and with the same detail as it was originally.remove bleach stains sydney

We use the best carpet dye we have found to enrich the colour of your carpet. Our carpet dye technicians follow best practice and use the right tools to give you the best results when it comes to restoring your rugs or carpets.

Carpet Dyeing Cost

Using our carpet dyeing services is the best choice you can make. Buying a new carpet is expensive and you don’t need to throw a perfectly good carpet away because of one ugly stain. With us, carpet dyeing cost need not be a worry, we aim to provide competitive quotes without compromising on quality, providing you with outstanding results. Give our friendly team a call to discuss your requirements and get that stain gone. You will be amazed at the results and your home will feel brighter and revived once we have made that mark vanish.