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About us Vivid carpet rug dyeing Sydney

Hi, I’m Ilana from Vivid Carpet and Rug Dyeing services. My husband and I formed this company in 2010 as we are passionate about our trade and wanted to service a need for restoring rather than replacing stained or soiled carpets. We are specialists in repairing stained or faded carpets and rugs to restore them to their previous spotless condition.
We have been established in Sydney for years now and have a great deal of experience, carpet and rug dyeing your Sydney homes or offices. Within our services, we offer you, our customers, a service which saves money and makes a difference to your environment. We pride ourselves on these values which is why we provide the most cost-effective solutions whilst achieving the best results.

“No need to buy when you can dye”
This is our policy

Our specialist team consists of experienced carpet and rug dye technicians who are aligned with the values of our company. Our colour care team is fully trained in repairing and restoring carpets which are stained or faded. We are trained to best industry practice in using the highest quality colour dye to suit the fabric of your carpet’s fibres to restore them to the highest standard. We are a forward thinking company with a lot of experience. Over the years, we have tried and tested lots of products and equipment to find the best performing tools and we constantly strive to find the most effective solutions for our customers. We have perfected our skills in carpet and rug dyeing, to provide a range of services offering you the most cost-effective solutions to restoring your carpet or rug. This does not mean we compromise on quality, we work to fully restore your flooring to its former seamless colour and condition. That’s why we confidently guarantee 100% satisfaction in the quality and finish of our work.

We specialise in:
• Bleach repair and spot dyeing- Restoring carpets after bleach staining by neutralising the chemical reaction and dyeing the carpet area to restore carpet colour.

• Carpet colour restoration- We bring carpets back to their former brightness with our range of colour care dyes which provide strong and long-lasting colour.

• Pet urine stain and odour removal- We remove pet urine stains and odours, eliminating traces of scent so that your pet will stop toileting in this area in the future.

• Persian and oriental rug restoration- We care for tapestries and vintage rugs. Carefully restoring their fibres and dyeing their delicate patterns to restore the stories they tell.

• Recolouring leather- Our expert team can re-colour faded or stained leather fabric, colour dyeing the affected areas to get your leather goods looking like new.

Our colour care technicians are experts in colour matching to ensure a seamless match for your carpet. The types of dye we use are long lasting to ensure that the stain will stay covered and invisible for the duration of your carpet’s lifespan. Our company is dedicated to the highest standards of industry best practice in whatever job we take on. From your initial enquiry to completion of the job, we want your experience to be a positive one. We ensure that we maintain our values by providing a service which truly is cost effective because the results are fantastic and long lasting, which at Vivid Carpets, is really what our customer service is all about.

We are your local professional carpet cleaners who care about your carpet and your home. We care about saving you money on the cost of replacing your carpet by restoring your floor covering and giving you long-lasting results that bring your home back to looking immaculate. From beginning to end, speaking to our customer care team through to trained technicians, our team is dedicated to providing a great service with great results which will last long after our technicians have carried out their work.