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FAQ Carpet and Rug Cleaning

When should I consider dying my carpet?

If your carpet has been stained, soiled or faded, carpet dyeing can be the best option. It is a cost-effective method of fixing the eyesore of a blemished carpet without the cost of replacing the entire floor covering. We can even cover stubborn old stains and areas that may have faded due to wear and tear of sun exposure. Fixing stains or changing your carpet colour with us gives you the best results at the best price.

Can you remove coffee stains?

Yes, we can. Black coffee stains can be a nuisance, especially if you try to scrub them clean. We can help clean up this mess by using our extraction system and dyeing the carpet area where necessary. We are experts at colour matching so no-one will ever notice it was there.

Can you get stubborn stains out of the carpet?

We can cover the most stubborn stains affecting your carpet. We work hard to clean the area ensuring that the stain has been cleaned to obtain maximum effect before we recolour your carpet. Our wide colour care range ensures that we can match your flooring and cover the stain effectively, restoring your room to its former smartness. Upon consultation we will be able to advise of the best steps for covering old and stubborn stains.

Can you effectively remove bleach from carpets?

We can clean and neutralise bleach stains in the carpet so that we can successfully cover it, recolouring the carpet to match its surrounding area. Bleach stains can be unsightly, but don’t despair, we can advise you on the best steps to take and our expert colour care team will work to the highest standards to give you the best results for your space.

How long will the dye last?

We have been in the carpet dyeing business for a long time so we have sought out the best and highest quality colour dye for your carpet. We use only the best colour dye to ensure that the dye we use lasts for the full life span of your carpet.

Will it perfectly match the rest of my carpet?

Our colour care range caters for a wide variety of colours so that we can perfectly match the soiled area. So we will be able to perfectly match the colour of your carpet so that no-one will ever notice the stain was there.

Can you dye specialist rugs?

Yes, we can. Our specialist rug care team will examine your rug and restore soiled or faded rugs to the highest standard. Our team are dedicated to mailing the authentic of your rug’s fabric, whilst ensure that any patterns or designs are intricately cared for.

Can I change the colour of my carpet?

Yes, you can change the colour of your carpet, using our carpet dyeing services. If you have invested in a high quality carpet material and feel like a change of décor, our specialist colour care team will be able to advise you on the best options regarding your carpet fabric and the best options for colour change.  You can choose a new colour to match your new décor and we will be able to advise you on the best colour matches to suit your new style.

Can you Dye any fabric?

We can dye most wool and nylon carpets and their blends. It is not however suitable for acrylic or polypropylene.