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Rug dyeing Sydney

How We Use Rug Dye To Restore Your Faded Rug

faded vintage rugs sydneyWhether your rug has faded or is stained, we can help you fix the problem and restore your rug to its former glory. We are specialists in this field. Our dedicated rug restoration technicians will identify the makeup of your rug, how it is woven, what materials have been used and we will tackle the discolouration by matching its colours to our carefully selected types of rug dye. We will carefully restore your rug, giving it a renewed life and colour that will last its lifetime.

Our rug dying Sydney based technicians have been trained to a high standard and have long term experience in handling these types of fibres. Once we have repaired your rug, you will be proud to put your piece on show again. Our team will restore your rug to its previous colours and brightness that will remain vibrant over time. Beautiful rugs cost a fortune and are unique pieces that decorate your home and are not easily replaceable. With us, you can repair your tapestry, at competitive rates, bringing your piece back as a statement in your space.

faded oriental rug sydneyWe treat your faded vintage rugs with the highest care.  We have experience and the right skills to match colours whilst preserving and protecting the fibres of your rug. We pride ourselves on carrying out a seamless job to restore your tapestry and making it that attractive piece is was when you first bought it. If your faded Persian rug has a stain or if you have a faded oriental rug, we can successfully bring it back to life and restore its colours. Our colour dye range will keep your rug looking vibrant for a long time ahead.

We Are Your Local And Professional Rug Dyeing Company

rug dye sydneyCleaning, restoring and dying rugs and carpets is our profession and we aim to provide your carpets with the highest care when dyeing them. If you have a stain or ugly mark that is plaguing your carpet’s look, we can help you. Our carpet dyeing technicians are highly trained and skilled to perfectly clean, preserve and restore your carpets. We believe in value and our job is to provide customer satisfaction. Dyeing your carpet is a cost-effective solution to replacing your carpet or rug. It is an effective way to remove and cover the stain without the hassle and cost of buying new flooring. You can contact us to find out how you can fix your stain while saving money using our services.

Can You Dye Carpet Or A Rug By Yourself?

change carpet colour sydneyIt is not a good idea to use average household products or heavy duty chemical solutions on spillages or stains, and while you can try to get rid of it, you can actually make it worse. Stains like red wine, coffee, bleach and fading need to be treated and restored using the right products, tools and knowledge. We have years of knowledge in how best to tackle the problem and which professional industry tools and techniques to use. Our dedicated team will get the best results to make sure your carpets are restored to look like new.