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Remove Bleach Stain Sydney
Remove Bleach Stain Sydney

What To Do When You Get Bleach On Carpet Or Rug ?

When you get bleach on your carpet or rug, it can look bad and you might not know how to fix it. Depending on the colour of your carpet, bleach spots and stains can appear as white, yellow or orange blotches and can make your carpet unpleasant to look at. You might think you need to replace your carpet. Seeing that unsightly white stain that has discoloured your flooring is ugly and a constant reminder of the spillage. Instead of dreading the cost of purchasing a new carpet, we can help you with the solution. Whether it is bleach spots or a bleach spill, we help you to restore that bleach stain on carpet or rug floorings. Our experts are on hand to remove stains where possible and restore bleach stains to make your carpet look intact.remove bleach stains sydney

We specialise in difficult jobs such as bleach spot removal, bleach stains and discolouration. Our dedicated team tackles spillages of bleach on carpet fabrics and rugs. Using best practice processes that deliver results, we utilise equipment, products, and skills that have been industry tried and tested and result in best practice standards for professionals. We can remove bleach stain from carpet fibres and restore it to its seamlessly matched colour, making that unsightly spot disappear. Bleach stain carpet repair jobs can be simple with the right professional team to help you get the job done at the right price.

Remove Bleach Stains With Our Professional Cleaning Services

We are able to clean and treat spills on your flooring. We have the experience to restore bleach spots and remove bleach stains on carpets and rugs, repairing the soiled area and removing any trace of the bleach mark. The treatment process we have found to be effective gives the longest lasting results in terms of reparation and colour. When bleach first spills onto the carpet, most people try to rub it out but are actually rubbing it in deeper, especially with substances like bleach which causes a chemical reaction, this needs to be contained and remedied.remove bleach stain from carpet sydney

When you call our professional services, we will go through a repair and restore process to best take care of your carpet and correct the damage. It is important to note that we need to wait 2 weeks before being able to treat the bleach spill. This is to ensure that we can effectively carry out the treatment without any adverse reaction from the bleaching agents. The first stage treats the carpet, this prevents further chemical reaction and damage to the fibres of your carpet by the bleaching agents. Bleach’s active ingredients remain active once it has spilt and will continue to discolour and disintegrate the carpet fibres, weakening their structure further over time. We will neutralise this chemical reaction so that we can then work on mending your carpet. This part of the process is to remove the bleach stain from carpet fibres, this involves covering the stain, dyeing it to match your carpet colour with a perfect blend and a colour which will stay ingrained in fibres of the carpet for its lifespan. This is the best and most cost-effective solution when spills like this happen.

Bleach Remover

We have been in the industry for a long time and we keep up to date with the latest and best professional carpet care tools, products and techniques on the market. We have sought the best industry bleach remover products and equipment which are tough on stains yet soft on carpet fabrics. These products have been tried and tested across the industry and better still, we test them ourselves to make sure that we can provide you with the results you want. Our skilled technicians know how to use these effectively to treat your carpets. This gives us the tools to neutralise traces of bleaching agents within the carpet fibres. When it comes to matching your carpet or rug’s colour, we have a wide range of colours and dyes to suit all types of carpet materials. We will ensure that whilst repairing your carpet we also care for its quality and long term use and colour. Our colours stay locked into your carpets for life and we pride ourselves on restoring many homes back to being a vibrant and clean space with no trace of unattractive staining. We offer a convenient price for our bleach stain repair services which will give your carpet a new lease of life. Give us a call to find out more about how we can fix your bleach stain.